Intermediate care homes, habilitation are based upon a medical model. The residents admitted must have a need for intermittent nursing care and supervision. Residents best suited for this type of residential placements can be diagnosed with autism and need 24/7 supervision and care for their safety and protection, have developmental disabilities that can included cerebral palsy, genetic medical conditions, behavioral challenges, self help and communication deficits, and other deficits that limit the residents ability to be self sufficient in home and community environments. We accept emergency placements.

Each resident is given a comprehensive functional assessment upon admission by our interdisciplinary team. An individualized program of goals and objectives developed by our interdisciplinary team, parents and family, staff, teachers and regional centers workers is structured for each resident. This program is reviewed and monitored at regular intervals by the team. As residents meet goals and objectives, new goals and objectives are implemented so that the resident never stagnates or fails to make some progress, the entire process is dynamic and challenging for everyone!



Habilitation Services = Success

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