The Homes

Jade Ranch is a five bed home with one private room and two large semi-private rooms for children with autism and behavioral challenges.

The program emphasis at Jade Ranch is on developing self care skills, communication skills and behavior management strategies so that the child will  acquire the skills  that will enable them  to live successfully in all environments: home, community and school.

Emerald Village is a large five bed home for young adults and teens who need a program of skills training, behavior support, and social and community skills acquisition. There are three private rooms and one large semi-private room.

Diamond Ranch is a six bed home for young adult females. There are two private rooms and two semi-private rooms. Diamond Ranch accepts residents who are non-ambulatory and have more disabling medical needs or conditions.

The program at this home is focused on basic skills training and habilitation.

Safe Environments
Each home has been modified for wheelchair accessibility. Safety is a priority as our homes are fully equipped with a safety sprinkler system, hard wired-battery backup smoke alarms as well as 24 hour monitoring by ADT. The neighborhoods are quiet and secluded with an active neighborhood watch and many of the homes are located on tree lined cul-de-sac streets, so traffic and noise is limited. AutismLifeSpanHomes are residential homes licensed by the California Department of Health Services to provide intermediate care habilitation services to teens and young adults who have been diagnosed with autism and or related developmental disabilities.